FlexPay MARKeting & BRANDING Efforts

As part of our marketing and branding efforts, I designed various one-pagers and briefs for our product owner to distribute to potential customers and clients. This included a FlexPay response to COVID-19,

along with flyers highlighting various aspects of our product. I leveraged the SAP brand assets, photo library, and visual design skills to build these out.

Visual DesignMarketingBranding

- FlexPay's response to covid-19 -

- FlexPay journey map -

- FlexPay email concepts -

- FlexPay one pagers -

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Product Work
Designed an entire set of screens for an "administrator" persona, leveraging the SAP design system. Worked on an onboarding sequence for our mobile experience.
Website Redesign
Redesigned the FlexPay external facing website to update the look and feel and adapt more SAP brand assets.
Branding Efforts
Created a flyer to address FlexPay's response to Covid, worked on a one-pager for FlexPay's launch plan to be shared with stakeholders, and iterated on designs for an email campaign.